Like so many other people, my husband and I have been putting off doing our living will and trust. We got a wake up call when my uncle passed away suddenly and I decided we could not put this off any longer.
Our attorney was very thorough and asked many questions. He prefaced the whole process by letting us know that there will be some questions that are difficult to answer. And he was very patient and helpful while my husband and I came to an agreement on many things. He covered everything we were worried about and more and now we can sleep stress free at night.
I highly recommend Deccan Law if you are in need of similar services.

Corey R.

Deccan Law helped me through a very difficult time not only with the legalities, forms and necessary actions but was also very sympathetic and listened to me as I struggled by. I'm thankful I found Deccan Law, and my attorney Amey walked me through everything.

Deborah A.

Deccan Law was excellent, and helped me very much. My attorney was always there for me, and I highly recommend him. Divorce is always very difficult, and having a knowledgeable attorney is a must, and I always felt that I was getting the best advice.

Jeff G.

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