About Us

We are a unique Long Beach Law Firm:

We focus on family law and immigration law because we care deeply about people and families, especially in times of change and transition. This care means your lawyer will have the time and consideration to answer your calls and represent you in accomplishing your goals. Every law firm has a personality, reflecting the people that are a part of it and what they want to be for their clients. This is the personality of our law firm:

  1. We communicate with our clients regularly. We are available to discuss your case, and we are happy to do so. We understand the tornado of thoughts going through your head, and the intense feelings you have in one of the most difficult periods of your life.
  2. We couldn’t imagine having anything but a warm and sincere relationship with our clients. You are under our care. We’re here to be your representative, and act on your best behalf and in your best interests, always. We have patience with the realities of our clients’ lives, and understand what you are going through, so always expect a kind and earnest voice back whenever you call us with your problems or concerns.
  3. We are balanced and grounded, and make our opponents more grounded in return. Maybe you have already come in contact with a law firm that seems to have lost its way, and is focused more on winning in a way that helps the firm rather than the client. We never lose sight of the fact that winning in the legal system means achieving the best outcome for our client, not letting a case get out of control and turning into war. And we work hard to make sure the opposing side’s attorneys don’t lose track of the end goal.
  4. We know what we’re doing. Not only do we have the experience, but we have a company policy to undergo intense annual continuing legal education in our specific fields of law. We attend legal seminars; we participate in national, state, and local bar committees; we attend multi-day legal conferences, that cover the most up-to-date issues in Family Law and Ethics; and we are legal bookworms, reading everything we can get our hands on.
  5. We are building a law firm, not just earning a living. We want to be around for decades. The only way that happens is through excellent service to our clients, and the highest level of legal representation. We want you to be the cornerstone to a firm that is still helping the community and representing families 30 years from now.

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